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:heart: Everyone reading this; you are all beautiful in your own way, never forget that! :heart:
Mon May 4, 2015, 1:36 PM
*Shouting intensifies*
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Happy birthday!!! :3
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hello :D
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Hi hi hi hi hi :la:
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EPIC SONIC ART :highfive:
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 8:25 PM
;-; your stuff is so beautiful
Wed May 14, 2014, 3:27 PM
Hey, how's it goin'!
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Paypal / points Commission Information - OPEN

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 6, 2014, 6:14 AM
Stamp: Commissions are OPEN by shadowhatesomochaoStamp: Arttrades are CLOSED by shadowhatesomochaoPaypal Stamp by artist4com

EDIT: 8/5/15 Commissions open again- 2 SLOTS this time!

If you wanna pay with points, plz use the commission widget on my front page, so I can transfer the points to my paypal account ;)


:star: SLOT 1: FREE

:star: SLOT 2: FREE





might take up to 3 days (or longer if it´s a big one) but on the small ones I should be finished within 1 or 2 days ;) (depends on how long school goes)
PAYMENT BEFORE PLZ! Note me for the paypal email/ information of mine!



:bulletred:SONIC  all stuff, oc´s, couples (yaoi and yuri), official charas....
:bulletred:POKEMON   all stuff, fakemon, oc´s, official charas ....
:bulletred:SPYRO all stuff, oc´s...
:bulletred:Digimon only official charas, no humans
:bulletred:Cartoon characters and OC´s (like Disney Cartoons, Danny Phatom,..)
:bulletblack: if you want me to draw anything else (dragons, canines or whatever)plz ask me if I am willing to draw these, because I cant draw everything^^


I do accept NSFW/ 18+ commissions, but they cost more of course and won´t be uploaded on dA. The picture or comic will be send via email or uploaded on inkbunny/furaffinity)
yaoi and yuri are fine / canonxOC too!
for examples plz note me! ;)

prices for NSFW commissions:

Sketch: 7 USD (extra character + 4 USD)

Lineart: 12 USD (extra character + 6 USD)

Fullcolored: 20 USD (extra character + 10 USD)

1 Manga/ Comic Page (black/white) up to 6 panels: 23 USD

1 Manga/ Comic Page (fullcolored) up to 6 panels: 35 USD


normal commissions:


extra chara for the sketches: + 1 USD/ 100 :points:

2 USD / 200 :points: Halfbody sketch (1 color):
 CM: Sketch Halfbodies 2 by shadowhatesomochao  sketch Halfbody commissions 1 by shadowhatesomochao

3 USD / 300 :points: Fullbody sketch (1 color) :
Kaito Shadow redesign by shadowhatesomochaoSweeney Todd Shadow sketch by shadowhatesomochaoCM: Dr. Darkness by shadowhatesomochao

40 USD/ 400 :points: Multi-colored fullbody sketch:
 NEVER GIVE UP Shadow the hedgehog by shadowhatesomochaoSonAdow by shadowhatesomochaoCM: Halfbody Commissions 3 by shadowhatesomochao



extra character for linearts + 1.50 USD / 150 :points:

5 USD/ 500 :points: :bulletblue: Lineart (no background; plz choose outline style: normal lineart, big outline, or mixed )
 CM: Lineart of Kiyle Dahvie Tower by shadowhatesomochao Shadow lineart by shadowhatesomochao Shadow lineart by shadowhatesomochao

6 USD/ 600 :points: Sonic Channel Lineart:
Kaito Shadow Sonic channel lineart by shadowhatesomochao



extra character for fullcolored and shaded pics + 4 USD / 400 :points:

extra character for no shaded pics + 2 USD /200 :points:

4 USD/ 300 :points: Sonic Logo
CM Peta Logo by shadowhatesomochaoBurst the eagle Sonic Logo by shadowhatesomochaoCM: Sammy Logo by shadowhatesomochao

6 USD / 600
:points: :bulletblue: lineart flat colored without shading and background
 Black Kyurem WIP by shadowhatesomochao

6  USD /600
:points: :bulletblue: random style:
Sonic rocks by shadowhatesomochaoShadow Melody by shadowhatesomochao

6  USD/ 600 :points: :bulletblue: Sonic Channel sketch wallpaper:
ShadowxAmy by shadowhatesomochaoKaito Shadow Sonic Channel style by shadowhatesomochao

6,00 USD/ 600 :points: :bulletblue: avatar in 1000x1000 pixel (tell me background color):
 Kaito Shadow Avatar by shadowhatesomochaoCM: Tailsko Avatar Picture by shadowhatesomochaoCM: Reshiram avatar icon by shadowhatesomochao

8 USD/ 800 :points: :bulletblue: my normal coloring style:
 broken angel by shadowhatesomochaoDark Sonic by shadowhatesomochaoShadow radiant Paladin form by shadowhatesomochao

8.50 USD/ 850 :points: best colo I can do in gimp 2.8 ( with light effects and so on, blured shading) :
 Kaito Shadow Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochaoCE: Rouge the bat fullmoon by shadowhatesomochao

9 USD/ 900 :points: ID pic (background round, cloud,plz choose form)
Kaito Shadow sleepy (ID) by shadowhatesomochaoCM: SLYMaster58 by shadowhatesomochaoCM: Celebi OC by shadowhatesomochao

10 USD/ 1000:points: Sonic X Style / Fake Screenshot / Comic style:
CE: Want some chocolat? by shadowhatesomochao____Silver the hedgehog in Sonic X by shadowhatesomochao CM: Danny Phantom VS Zak Saturday by shadowhatesomochao

10 USD/ 1000:points: Sonic Riders style
Let the SHOW begin - Kaito Shadow by shadowhatesomochaoCM: Trinity by shadowhatesomochao

10 USD/ 1000 :points: Sonic battle style ( no Background)
 Kaito Shadow Sonic Battle style by shadowhatesomochaoCM: Genuine-Azelf by shadowhatesomochao

11 USD/ 1100 :points: Sonic battle Wallpaper:
 Kaito Shadow Sonic Battle Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao CM: Zertax the sphinx Sonic Battle style by shadowhatesomochao- Sonic Battle CM: SirBurnout by shadowhatesomochao

10 USD/ 1000:points: Detailed style: pic with lineart v3/detailed shading (may include butterflies/bubbles):
Gift: LeonStar123 by shadowhatesomochao CE: Scourge the hedgehog by shadowhatesomochao

10 USD/ 1000 :points: Mixed style: (many styles mixed up, which ones depends on my mood^^)
CM: Caring for Your Rival (sonadow) by shadowhatesomochao AT: Ty (CNWsonikkufan) by shadowhatesomochao

:new: 10 USD / 1000 :points: Sonic Channel colored:
Kaito Shadow Sonic Channel by shadowhatesomochao

:new:11 USD / 1100 :points: Sonic Channel colored Wallpaper (choose background colo + text):
 Kaito Shadow Sonic Channel Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao

12 USD/ 1200 :points: Highlighted style:
 Shadow the hedgehog is - Sweeney Todd by shadowhatesomochao : Blue Rose : by shadowhatesomochao

12 USD/ 1200 :points: Middle Age wallpaper style:
 Shadow Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao CM: JezmineDevilhedgehog by shadowhatesomochao

12 USD/ 1200 :points: Full reference sheet (shows weapon, front, back and 3 head poses/faces):
   CE: Scuro the Jackal Reference Sheet by shadowhatesomochao     -CM: Celebi OC ref sheet by shadowhatesomochao

:new: 12 USD/ 1200 :points: textured style ( coloring with several textures, thin colored lineart)

Shadow Gankotsuou Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao   Call it MAGIC by shadowhatesomochao  Danny Phantom Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao CM: Shadow vs Mephiles by shadowhatesomochao



a background is included in the price, but it´s always just a SIMPLE one, so NO complictated or complex ones that take more time than the character itself.
if you want a complicated one, you´d have to pay extra (how much? ->, ask me) !


:bulletblue:when do I need to pay the points/money?
-plz pay before I will start with the commission as soon as I have received the points!
:bulletblue: how long will it take?
-I DONT KNOW! if I have much work it could even take 1 week, but if its just a sketch I�ll probably finish it the day you commissioned me!
:bulletblue: how many characters are allowed?
-maximum only 3 characters plz!
:bulletblue: may I get one for free?
-no, of course not, I dont take requests!
:bulletblue: do you accept paypal?

Also, I WON`T edit pictures after the commission is done means after I´ve uploaded the pic!
give me the details BEFORE you tell me to start, not after I´ve finished my work!!!

  • Mood: Joy
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Saphire

What would you like me to draw more often? /I will draw a pic of the most chosen option ;) 

43 deviants said Sonadow :heart:
21 deviants said Kaito Shadow
21 deviants said Pokemon
19 deviants said Sonic stuff in general
14 deviants said Danny Phantom
7 deviants said anything else *comments*


Sonic Adoptables 1# - CLOSED by shadowhatesomochao
Sonic Adoptables #2  - CLOSED by shadowhatesomochao
rules for adopts:
you may change details, color, style,name...
you may NOT resell
halfbody sketch
CM: Halfbody Commissions 3 by shadowhatesomochao
CM: Sketch Halfbodies 2 by shadowhatesomochao
halfbody sketch done in painttool SAI
Multi colored fullbody sketch
CP: Shadow Scissorhands by shadowhatesomochao
AT: Silver-Blaze-4-ever by shadowhatesomochao
Shadow Christmas style by shadowhatesomochao
sketch commission but with some colored so it looks just better^^ extra character + 100 :points: maximal 3 characters in 1 pic.
Shadow lineart by shadowhatesomochao
happy Shadow Lineart by shadowhatesomochao
Angel Devil Shadow by shadowhatesomochao
Shadow lineart by shadowhatesomochao
Lineart in different styles:
- think outline
- thick outline
- mixed pressured outline

plz tell me which one you want ;)
Sonic Channel sketch wallpaper
Kaito Shadow Sonic Channel style by shadowhatesomochao
ShadowxAmy by shadowhatesomochao
Otto X Blaze Sonic Channel by shadowhatesomochao
Sonic Channel style of an OC or a character of your choise. extra character + 100 :points: maximal 2 characters!
please also tell me the color you wish and the text that should be written on
my normal coloring style
like an angel: Kaito Shadow by shadowhatesomochao
CE: Kaito Shadow MERRY Christmas by shadowhatesomochao
Sonic the hedgehog by shadowhatesomochao
1 character, simple background
best colo I can do in gimp 2.8 ( with light effects and so on, blured shading)
Kaito Shadow Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao
Kaito Shadow wallpaper 2 by shadowhatesomochao
Kaito Shadow: chasing butterflies by shadowhatesomochao
best colo I can do in gimp 2.8 ( with light effects and so on, blured shading)
simple background, 1 character
Sonic Battle style (no background)
CM: Sonniejaye by shadowhatesomochao
CM: Evey Sonic Battle Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao
sonic battle style with transparent background
Fake Screenshot / Sonic X style
CE: Want some chocolat? by shadowhatesomochao
Silver the hedgehog in Sonic X by shadowhatesomochao
1 character, extra character + 350 :points:
Textured style
Shadow Gankotsuou Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao
Danny Phantom Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao
Call it MAGIC by shadowhatesomochao
coloring with several textures, thin colored lineart, 1 character


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
:iconsonicexcitedplz: :iconfatpikaplz:

my tumblr:…

Share the Llama Love STAMP by shadowhatesomochaoGuinea Pig Lover :Stamp: by Circe-Baka:iconihateschoolstamp::iconihateschoolstamp2:Sleepy Hollow Stamp by lil-richo
I love Detective Conan Stamp by shadowhatesomochaoI love Pokemon Stamp by shadowhatesomochaoI love Shadow STAMP by shadowhatesomochaoReshiram Fan STAMP by shadowhatesomochaoIuyasha Fan STAMP by shadowhatesomochaoSonadow Fan  STAMP by shadowhatesomochaoZORUA WTF Stamp by shadowhatesomochaoCynder Fan STAMP by shadowhatesomochaoSpyro Fan STAMP by shadowhatesomochaoBeyblade Stamp: Tsubasa Fan by shadowhatesomochaoShinichi Kudo Fan STAMP by shadowhatesomochaoSilver the hedgehog stamp by shadowhatesomochaoBlack Kyurem Stamp by shadowhatesomochaoSuper Sonadow stamp by shadowhatesomochaoHaters gonna Hate by SparkLum:iconpokemon-x-y:

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my youtube channel:…

My birthday badge







:star: read this FAQ about me and my page if you wanna know somethig before asking me please :dummy:

:bulletblue: Do you take commissions?
- Yes I do, plz check my commission prizes here:

:bulletblue: Do you take requests?
- No sorry, only commissions

:bulletblue: which programm do you use to draw?
- I use gimp version 2.8 and SAI

:bulletblue: which tablet do you use?
- I use a Wacom Bomboo Fun pen and touch M

:bulletblue: do you have a featuring area?
- Yes I have, plz check it out here:

:bulletblue: May I chat with you?
- yes of course you can, I´ll try to answer all of your questions, but plz don´t note me just for chatting

:bulletblue: Am I allowed to use/ recolor/ publish your pictures?
- No, of course not. Only in special situations, e.g. if you commissioned me or if I participated in your contest...

:bulletblue: Do you take commissions on Cosplays/ Plushies?
- thinking about doing some after finishing school^^

:bulletblue: How old are you and where do you live?
- I´m 19 years old and I live in Germany

:bulletblue: Give a llama, get a llama?
- of course you´ll get one back ^^

:bulletblue: Have you got a facebook account?
- yes, I have but only for real life friends, sorry

:bulletblue: Do you have a Youtube / Tumblr account?
- Yes I have, plz watch me there^^……

:bulletblue: Am I allowed to use your plz accounts?
- Of course you are

:bulletblue: Who is Kaito Kid?
he´s a character from the anime Detective Conan/ Magic Kaito 1412.
I just love this character, if you want to have more information about him plz read here:…

Plz Accounts

my plz accounts:


1 :points: llama
5 :points: = watch, llama + 2 comments
10 :points: = watch, llama + 4 or more comments

(if your donating to me to receive these, plz add "trade" in the donation comment!)

if you watch me, youŽll get a :llama: or IŽll watch you back :)



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